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Playful Squirrels & Goofy the Duck

Rose Inlet | Campland
Mission Bay, California

In the heart of Campland, by the Bay,
Lies a haven where the squirrels play,
And Goofy the Duck, he quacks and struts,
A quirky character that never shuts.

Squirrels and Goofy, creatures of the wild,
Living their lives with a playful style,
In Campland they call home,
Where they're free to roam.

In this world of hustle and bustle,
These animals remind us to slow down and rustle,
To appreciate the simple things in life,
Like the squirrels and Goofy, without strife.

So come to Campland and you'll see,
Squirrels and Goofy, living carefree,
And let their playful spirits inspire,
As you find your own happy desire.

© Copyright @ Rachel Joel 2022. All rights reserved.

Sitting at the Creek

Enjoy fourteen minutes of water flowing in a Utah creek.

© Copyright @ Rachel Joel 2022. All rights reserved.

Got To Go In The Forest

When you got to go in the forest with a shovel and toilet paper, you aim to do your business as timely and easily as possible. For our camping trips we provide a composting toilet with a privacy structure, so you don't have to go in the woods.

© Copyright @ Rachel Joel 2022. All rights reserved.
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Grilling at Camp using the All-In-One Cast Iron Grill by Barebones

Here I use the cast iron grill by Barebones for the first time to grill pork chops, portabella mushroom, zucchini and foiled vegetables. Besides using it as the grill that day, I made a upside down cake, that turned out great. Prior I have done stir fry over the fire twice, easy and relatively fast.

© Copyright @ Rachel Joel 2022. All rights reserved.

Tadpoles in a Pond near Heber-Overgaard Arizona

The best 4 minutes of memorizing views of tadpoles. Tadpoles, hundreds and hundreds, swimming and eating in a pond near Heber-Overgaard Arizona in the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest.

© Copyright @ Rachel Joel 2022. All rights reserved.

Apache Sitgreaves National Forest