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Bottle Brush Cleaner


Durable Horsehair and Beechwood Handle, 13-3/4 Inch
Bottle Brush Cleaner

Durable Horsehair and Beechwood Design - The REDECKER Bottle Brush is designed with high-quality horsehair and beechwood, ensuring a long-lasting and robust cleaning tool that can withstand regular use

Versatile Cleaning Tool - This Bottle Brush is not just for bottles. It can easily clean vases, pitchers, mugs, and more. Its design makes it an ideal bottle cleaner, glass water bottle cleaner, and baby bottle cleaner<

Efficient Cleaning - The dense natural bristles of this brush effectively scrub away residue and dirt, making it an excellent bottle scrubber brush and dish brush

Comfortable Handle - The wooden handle of the brush is designed for a comfortable grip. It allows for easy maneuvering when cleaning, making it a great bottle brush long handle and dish brush with handle<

Made in Germany - This high-quality bottle brush is made in Germany, ensuring a product of excellent craftsmanship. It is a perfect addition to your cleaning tools, whether as a water bottle brush, dish scrub brush, or glass brush.


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