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"Where have you been?"


This directory contains a history of places we have personally traveled for camping and exploring throughout Arizona, Utah and New Mexico. Enjoy!

Alamo Lake Wildlife Area


La Paz County

69430 Wickenburg Road, Wenden, AZ 85357

34°15'51.6"N 113°33'26.6"W

We spend several nights here on the edge of the lake. Enjoyed listening to the water and the birds while siting by the fire. Really great spot for camping. Nice and secluded beaches and peninsulas with beautiful views of the lake and surrounding mountains. A lot of fishermen in boats trolling, lake is well known for bass fishing. Looking forward to return with our kayaks. While in the area we visited the Alamo Dam and made a stop for ice-cream at the ranger store at the Alamo State Park. On our drive there we saw wild burros.

River, Fishing, Exploring, Recreation, Hiking, Lake, Desert, Camping

Anasazi Valley Petroglyphs


Washington County

3399 South Anasazi Road, Ivins, UT 84738

37°09'45.6"N 113°42'22.2"W

Explore the fascinating Temi' Po' Op' site, pronounced "tumpee poo oop," located near the Santa Clara River. This family-friendly hike offers breathtaking views and hundreds of petroglyphs. Uncover the remnants of an Anasazi Farmstead and learn about the rich history of this area. Choose between the longer, winding trail or the shorter, well-developed shortcut to access the remarkable rock art that showcases the artistic legacy of various native cultures.

Recreation, Hiking, Ancient Ruins

Aztec Ruins National Monument

New Mexico

San Juan County

725 Ruins Rd, Aztec, NM 87410

36°50'04.5"N 108°00'00.8"W

Aztec Ruins National Monument in New Mexico is home to a complex of ancient ruins built by the ancestral Puebloans over 900 years ago. As I walked through the park, I was struck by the impressive masonry of the structures and the rich history and culture they represent.

Historical Landmark, Ancient Ruins

Baker Hot Springs


Juab County

Baker Hot Springs Rd, Delta, Utah

39°36'46.1"N 112°43'45.2"W

Discover the natural wonder of Baker Hot Springs, also known as Crater Springs and Abraham Hot Springs, located on Fumarole Butte. Learn about the unique features, soaking options, and important precautions for a memorable visit.

Hot Springs, Exploring

Bear Canyon Lake


Coconino County

Bear Canyon Lake, AZ 85541

34°24'13.1"N 111°00'35.0"W

Bear Canyon Lake is one place we go most often. There are plenty of places to setup camp and lots to explore. We have never had a issue finding a spot to camp, at times can barely hear anyone around. We pass all the nearest sites near the lake and go past the powerlines where there are plenty of sites spread out. From there it is a bit of a hike to the lake, or short drive. Depending upon the season you can hear elk and coyotes in the area.

Lake, Forest, Fishing, Hiking, Camping

Bear Flat


Gila County

189 E Springdale Dr, Payson, AZ 85541

34°17'34.7"N 111°04'57.0"W

Fishing, River, Forest, Hiking, Camping

Bradshaw City


Yavapai County

Bradshaw City, AZ 86343

34°11'48.1"N 112°21'19.0"W

Bradshaw City was founded as a mining camp in 1863 after prospectors working on the northwest slope of Mount Wasson discovered gold. The camp began as a loose collection of tents which were soon replaced with hundreds of buildings including dance halls, restaurants, saloons, and hotels as the population inflated to around 5000 people. The town supported the Tiger Mine.

Ghost Town, Forest, Hiking, Camping

C. C. Cragin (Blue Ridge) Reservoir


Coconino County

HR33+PG Happy Jack, Arizona

34°33′16.3″N 111°11′50.7″W

Lake, Recreation, Hiking, Desert, Exploring, Fishing, Camping

Casa Grande Domes


Pinal County

7467 S Thornton Rd, Casa Grande, AZ 85193, USA

32°48'45.9"N 111°46'26.2"W

The Domes of Casa Grande was four massive structures located in Casa Grande, Arizona, that were built to facilitate the manufacturing of computers in the late 1970s and early 1980s. However, the project was never completed, leaving behind only a few foundations that were started and left to molder. One of the buildings is shaped like a flying saucer, and the other three resemble spheres joined together. Despite their abandoned state, the Domes remain a popular destination for urban explorers and photographers, drawing visitors to their otherworldly appearance.


Chaco Culture National Historical Park

New Mexico

San Juan County

1808 Road 7950, Nageezi, NM 87037

36°01'47.0"N 107°54'36.6"W

This Chaco Canyon Valley, high-desert landscape has long winters, short growing seasons, and marginal rainfall. Yet, it became the center of a thriving culture a thousand years ago. It was an unlikely place for a major center of ancestral Puebloan culture to take root and flourish. The grand scale of its architecture is monumental, making it a center hub for far-reaching commerce with complex community life and high levels of social organization, creating a cultural vision unlike any other seen before or since. That began in the mid 800s and lasted more than 300 years. Their descendants are the modern Southwest Indians. Many Southwest Indian people look upon Chaco as an important stop along their clans' sacred migration paths-a spiritual place to be honored and respected.

Ancient Ruins, Hiking, Historical Landmark, Camping

Colossal Cave Mountain Park


Pima County

16721 East Old Spanish Trail, Vail, AZ 85641

32°03'44.7"N 110°38'03.1"W

Colossal Cave Mountain Park has cave tours, hiking & biking, trail rides, camping & picnicking, terrace Café & gift shop. The campsites are tucked among the saguaro cacti and mesquite trees in Posta Quemada canyon. These grounds consist of two large areas, El Bosquecito and La Selvilla, both have water and restrooms. Additionally there are a number of smaller areas totaling 30 individual sites. Camping is first-come, first-served. This is primitive camping. No electricity or RV hook-ups available. are located in El Bosquecito and La Selvilla.

Cave, Exploring, Camping

Courtland Ghost Town


Cochise County

N Pearce Rd, Elfrida, AZ 85610

31°46'13.2"N 109°48'31.9"W

Nestled in an arid landscape, Courtland, born from early 1900s mining fervor, whispers tales of a once-thriving community. A fading jail, a collapsing store, and silent foundations stand as echoes of its past. The hills, marked by mines, caution visitors of the hidden hazards within the remnants of Courtland's mining legacy.

Ghost Town, Exploring

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