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Young Family

Staying Safe While Camping

"Why It's Important"

    Refillable Water Bottle (One for each participant). Pillow Towel Sunglasses Sunscreen and Lip Balm Insect Repellent Personal Items such as Medications and Medical Supplies Personal Toiletries Toothbrush and Toothpaste Hair Care (Comb, brush, ties, headbands, etc.) Bathing Wipes or Wash Rag
    Bandanas (2-3) Hiking Hat / Sun Hat Hiking Shoes (Sturdy, broken in hiking boots or shoes, light-weight) Camp Shoes or Sandals (Shoes that will stay on your feet like hiking sandals. Sandals are great for when one needs to get go to the bathroom during the night.) 2-3 Pairs Hiking Socks (wool or synthetic) 2-3 Shirts, Including 1+ Long-Sleeve (Lightweight, light colored, and breathable.) Hiking or Running Shorts (lightweight, quick drying to avoid chaffing.) Hiking Pants (Lightweight, denim not recommended for the colder months.) Thermal Underwear (Lightweight, a great third layer for additional warmth.) Sleepwear (Lightweight and fitting. Thermals are best for the colder nights.) Warm Jacket Waterproof Jacket or Rain Gear (A lightweight poncho is usually sufficient.) Knit Cap or Beanie (Add warmth for sleeping. When your head is exposed to the cold, heat will escape your body. A knit cap will trap that heat for a toasty night’s sleep.) Bathing Suit (Optional)
    Headlamp or Flashlight (We have available for use) Camera, Case, and Batteries Daypack / Small Backpack (If you plan on hiking) Preferred Snacks or Beverages

Our goal is to make going outdoors easy by providing a platform for you to create an enjoyable and memorable camping experience.


AmaZing Place

Alamo Lake Wildlife Area

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