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We make camping easy!

"We Provide What You Need. Lets Go Camping"

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Coconino National Forest - FR 81


Coming to Arizona and can't fit what you need in a travel bag?

  • No need, we packed for you.

Have you never been camping or maybe only a few times?

  • This is why we are here, we got you covered.

Do you not camp often enough to warrant purchasing gear?

  • Save your money and space. We will provide. 

​Do you have the necessary camping gear to be comfortable?

  • We do and its ready for your use. 

Just don't want to pack or unload?

  • Understandable, its a time consuming task that we do so you don't need to. 

There are many reasons one may not go camping.
What is your reason?  Read: Why go camping.

Welcome to AZ Places!

AZ Places aims to provide a platform for one to create a memorable and enjoyable camping experience, making going outdoors easy. With AZ Places you can go camping in Arizona without the need for purchasing, renting and packing camping gear and equipment. We save you time and troubles of figuring out what is necessary as well the expense in acquiring quality camping gear and equipment. Leaving you to bring your clothing and some essentials.

AZ Places provides hosted camping trips to your desired location. We provide all the necessary equipment, everything from the basecamp, the camp kitchen, food, tents, sleeping bags, bathroom, activities and more. Our goal is to make going outdoors easy by providing a platform for you to create an enjoyable and memorable camping experience.

Browse further and discover what all we provide with a AZ Places Camping Trip.

A Message From Your Host

Rachel your AZ Places camp host

My name is Rachel and would love to be your camp host. I specialize in providing camping and outdoor adventures complete with gear, food and activities for your family or group of friends.


I have all the equipment necessary, you'll have what you need to be comfortable and enjoy your camping experience. It's not just gear that is provided, I plan the menu (with your input) and do the grocery shopping. 

I will recommend a location dependent upon what time of year you desire to camp and by your families or friends interest. 

This is your camping experience, be prepared to assist with setup and takedown of camp, as well as participate in cooking and camp care. Upon completion of the trip, you won't have to unpack and clean gear. Leave that chore to me. While at camp I will be available to assist, I can guide you on a hike, help with the cooking, assist with the campfire, direct a craft project for the kids, etc.

Book a trip today, I look forward to being your camp host,

Alamo Lake Wildlife Area


La Paz County

We spend several nights here on the edge of the lake. Enjoyed listening to the water and the birds while siting by the fire. Really great spot for camping. Nice and secluded beaches and peninsulas with beautiful views of the lake and surrounding mountains. A lot of fishermen in boats trolling, lake is well known for bass fishing. Looking forward to return with our kayaks. While in the area we visited the Alamo Dam and made a stop for ice-cream at the ranger store at the Alamo State Park. On our drive there we saw wild burros.

Alamo Lake Wildlife Area

AmaZing Place

Outdoor Adventures

Ironwood Forest National Monument is a protected area located in southern Arizona, United States. It was established in 2000 and covers approximately 129,000 acres of Sonoran Desert landscape. The monument is named after the iconic ironwood trees (Olneya tesota) that grow within its boundaries.

Ironwood Forest National Monument
Ironwood Forest National Monument


Pima County & Pinal County

Last Place

Ironwood Forest National Monument

AZ Places provides everything needed for your camping trip from the location, food, activities, equipment for the base camp, kitchen, tents, sleeping bags, sanitation and more; all available for your use. A camp host is also included at your camp location to provided and assist.

What We Provide

Reserve a date for your camping trip. After making your reservation you will have access to your AZ Places account. Login to provide details about your group, request a camping location, menu and any other add-ons. You will also submit required documentation for each party of your group. Upon completion, you will receive a invoice, when paid your booking is complete.

How Booking Works

Our goal is to make going outdoors easy by providing a platform for you to create an enjoyable and memorable camping experience.


AmaZing Place

Coconino National Forest - FR 81

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