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Meet Your Camp Host

"Here is a Little Bit About Me"


Hello, thanks for dropping by!

I am Rachel and I am glad you stopped by with a interest in camping. I have enjoyed camping throughout my life. I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah, camping at our families mountain property near Park City. Our travels often involved camping, partially due to the cost of getting lodging for a family of eight.

As I got older I continued camping, hiking and enjoying hot springs with my friends, then later with my own family.


While in high school I apprenticed as a jeweler and did so for many years. During that time I attended college with the interest in recreational therapy, I changed work as a jeweler and became a habilitation trainer, then a shift supervisor at a care center for the individuals with special needs. Upon completing the program and getting my license I worked as a Therapeutic Recreational Technician at the same care center. During this time I married and due to various circumstances I did not continue the recreational therapy program. I opted to continue with a career as a jeweler and continued doing recreation with special populations as a volunteer with SPLORE, assisting with river rafting, rock climbing and cross-country skiing, 

Prior to moving to Arizona in 1997, my hobby in photography and my husband Glen being a musician, we released a multi-media CD, called Projectile, starring independent bands within Salt Lake City, Utah. This was the beginning of Site 51 Productions. Upon moving to Arizona, I continued working as a jeweler and also continued with Site 51. When my daughter was born I wanted to be at home with her, so I went full time with Site 51 doing web and graphic design, publishing and hosting services. I continued to grow Site 51 for another 13 years, however, the stress of a time consuming 24 hour web business was not working out for me, so I passed it on. At about the same time in 2014, my husband died unexpectedly. I opted to take a break from employment for several years to be with my children. Then returned to work at part time at Billie's Custom Jewelers in Chandler, AZ. This allows me time to do what I love and that is being outdoors exploring and camping. My family and friends continue to enjoy the outdoors with me.


Throughout all these years, I worked on sharpening my outdoor skills by attending classes and participating with outdoor recreation groups. I enjoy exploring and camping as much as possible, with several week long trips per year. I have assembled an excellent collection of gear and supplies that I would like to share with you. I want to provide a camping experience for you by being your camp host.

Lets go camping, I look forward to serving you and yours,


With Joy, Rachel Joel


"There is a reason my friends call me a professional camper."

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