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Junior Monster Battery Lantern


Ultra Bright Unique Glow Mode with 360 Degree LED
Junior Monster Battery Lantern

AMAZING FIRST OF ITS KIND "GLOW MODE" - Turn the entire lantern's surface into a soft glowing white lamp that illuminates like no other lantern. Small, and lightweight, the Junior Monster works for kids as a night light or even a Halloween lantern!

JUNIOR SIZED - MONSTER BRIGHTNESS - Small enough to fit into a backpack, survival kit, or car glove compartment; yet bright enough to light up an entire room! Its collapsible, retractable design makes the Junior Monster perfect for an RV camper, fishing boat or Scout gear.

300 MAXIMUM LUMENS BLOWS AWAY THE COMPETITION - No other lantern of it's size even comes close to the Junior Monster. Camp with confidence as outdoor weather is not a problem with an IPX4 water resistant rating. And hang from anywhere! Convenient foldaway handles can be extended to hang from poles, tents, or trees for truly hands-free illumination

PATENTED ARC LED LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY - No more bulbs or strips. The continuous ARC LED provides a full 360 degrees of light in every direction with a 16m beam distance. Battery operated with 4 double A (AA) batteries, the Junior Monster is the best safety tool and runs for hours during a power outage due to a hurricane or other weather emergency

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The Junior Monster has not actually been used by a Yeti. Or Bigfoot. Or Sasquatch. They were unavailable during product testing. But if they HAD tested our product, they'd be happy to know the Junior Monster comes with a 5 Year Warranty* and our No Questions Asked Return Policy, so you can rest assured there is absolutely no risk to you!


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