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Recommended Camping Locations

"We Provided What You Need. Lets Go Camping"


Below is a list of our recommended locations by season for dispersed camping and campgrounds for your camping trip with AZ Places. They are accessible by a standard vehicle and are within 1 to 3 hours surrounding Phoenix, Arizona.

After reserving a trip with us you will have access to your AZ Places account. There you will select your camping location, menu and any other add-ons. You will also submit required documentation for each party of your group.

Note: Some locations have a entrance or use fee. Locations beyond 150 miles require an additional travel fee by AZ Places.

Partial Image from U.S. Geological Survey, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Arizona Countys Image

Our goal is to make going camping easy by providing a platform for you to create an enjoyable and memorable camping experience.

Wet Summer

July - September

The heaviest rain falls during the summer thunderstorm (monsoon) season. During this period, rain can accumulate very quickly, resulting in flooded roads or washes and flash floods. Most of the severe weather in Arizona is caused by microbursts, causing very strong, straight-line winds. These winds are commonly as strong as 40 to 60 miles per hour but can exceed 100 at times. Microbursts occur over a rather small space-scale, and typically the area affected is less than 2.5 miles in diameter.


Wet Summer

Apache-Sitgreaves NF - Bear Canyon Lake

Bear Canyon Lake - Arizona

Bear Canyon Lake is one place we go most often. There are plenty of places to setup camp and lots to explore. We have never had a issue finding a spot to camp, at times can barely hear anyone around. We pass all the nearest sites near the lake and go past the powerlines where there are plenty of sites spread out. From there it is a bit of a hike to the lake, or short drive. Depending upon the season you can hear elk and coyotes in the area.


Coconino County

Bear Canyon Lake, AZ 85541

34°24'13.1"N 111°00'35.0"W

2 hours 30 minutes

134 miles


Additional Fee for entry and/or camping.

+ Time & Distance from Downtown



Wet Summer

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